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DIY Circle Base Plank

Rs. 12

🎨 A versatile base and surface for a wide range of art and craft activities.
✨ Explore your creativity to the fullest.

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Rs. 12

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    • Our MDF DIY bases are crafted from good quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF) wood, ensuring a durable surface for your artistic endeavors.
    • With a smooth and uniform composition, these bases provide an ideal canvas for various art and craft projects.
    • Ideal for acrylic painting, resin art, alcohol ink art, dot mandala, decoupage, Lippan art, sculpture art, clay art, stenciling, hand painting, and various other DIY projects.
    • Use masking tape or stencils to create precise patterns or outlines on the MDF surface.
    • Enhance the final look of your artwork by applying a protective sealant or varnish, ensuring its longevity and preserving the colors and textures.
    • All bases from 10 inches comes with back hooks and strip. If you need back hooks on smaller sizes also, then please connect on whatsapp - 9319446510 as It will be charged extra.

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