Camel 0.9 mm Klick Pencil
Camlin Brand Non-slip grip Easy to use and operate One Klick Pencil Smooth and dark writing This product is non-toxic and CE certified conforms to child safety standards.
Rs. 15
Camel Artist Purified Linseed Oil-100ml
Free from soluble waxes and fatty acids, Ideal medium for oil painting, Produces a clear film on drying, Slow drying Net Quantity -100ml
Rs. 100
Camel Artists Acrylic Tube Colour Copper
Camel Acrylic Tube Colours can be used multiple surfaces, Camel Acrylic Tube colours are long lasting, have a lustrous finish, This colour are non toxic, used on diffrent surface like -wood, MDF, terracotta/earthenware, metal, wall, glass, paper and more. Pack...
Rs. 140
Sold Out
Camel Artists Oil Colour Crimson Lake
Artists Oil Colours are reputed for purity, quality and reliability. this oil colours contain the maximum pigment content,microscopically ground and combined with non-yellowing oils, this colour unique plasticizer to give a smooth or non-cracking film with brush or palette on...
Rs. 100
Camlin Drawing Pencil Pack Of 6
Pack of 6 diffrent type of grades hexagonal drawing pencil You seen Best result on drawing paper, sketching papers, textured paper, smooth tinted paper or even on Canvas This product is non-toxic and CE certified conforms to child safety standards....
Rs. 50
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